Saturday, April 21, 2012

Snail Mail Letter, probably about 4/1/12

Dear Family,

Lined paper!  Fun, no? I like writing on lined paper a lot more than those papers with squares that I've sent you.  Right now, my writing my be extra hard to read since I'm taking advantage of a 40 minutes ride in the bus/van to get some thoughts/experiences down.  This bus is a little bigger than the [Toyota] Sienna that we have [in Arlington].  The roof is raised and we are currently driving through the water/sewage that is left over from when the drains overflowed yesterday and the day before in the rain.  I think that they are one system--storm drains and drains from the bathroom, although maybe they are by our house in Virginia too. . . I really don't know.  Whenever I dreamed of touring the storm drains in the park behind our house [in Virginia], I imagined them as separate and clean.

This morning for exercise, we ran to the hills at one side of our area.  With google earth, it should be pretty easy to find the spot though I don't know if you can get to know the streets with street views--I suspect not.  If you can find Tingo, pretty much from the big intersection of Tingo where the street curves into Hunter until the street Brasilia, bordered also by the farms on the Misty side and the farms/river on the away from Misty side. (Misty is the volcano in the middle [he drew a bumpy landscape with an arrow pointing to "Misty".]

There are about 500 members on the ward's records.  We had some 150-200 in church at the ward conference on March 11, 2012.  There was a choir!  Accompanied by a pianist!!!  It was so much prettier to sing with a piano.  I would like to be able to play it, but I don't know well enough.  The pianist was a visiting from another ward just to play in the conference.  I'm definitely looking forward to General Conference!  I don't know if this letter will get there before conference though.  I suspect not.

Anyway, last time I was in Hunter in the ward a few minutes walk from Hunter (Agosto Freyre) there wasn't much green at all.  Due to the rain, the hills have gained a nice coat of green!  I like it.

As for our investigators, we need to do something to be able to find all those people who are being prepared.  Keep praying so that we can find them all!

Well, this letter is taking forever.

We just finished playing football and soccer.  It's important to play together in order to build unity in the zone.  The zone is passing a particularly hard month.  We've got to work much harder this month of April.  We are hoping that from tomorrow, we can get perfect.

In writing this letter, I find myself with perfect health, not a problem in the world.  I DID get the shoes you all sent me.  I think y'all had to send them in two different boxes?  They got here re-boxed in boxes from the mission, I think.

Just today I heard how Paul is going to the Arizona-Tempe mission (spanish speaking)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And this is so excellent!

I hope all the months left can be really good missionary preparation there!  And while I'm here and Paul there, I hope to get all the letters of Paul!  Has he ever read the Book of Mormon alone?  He should make that a priority definitely to start feasting every day from the words of Christ, for they will tell us all the things that we must do.  That's so exciting that he will be able to start the absolute best two years of his lifetime so far.

Anyway, I close for now till next Monday in my letter. I hope this week we can find each and every chosen child so they can see the conference.


Elder Johnson

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