Jumping for joy!
Querido Familia,
I have no idea what's up with the pictures, I was so excited about being able to send yall the sweet picture that Elder Hunsaker and I took... but something is up with this computer and it will hear nothing of that. Sorry.. if you are sending me a package in the next months it would be nice to get a cable that can plug into my camera cuz it isn't the standard mini usb that everyone else has.
So last night were the changes. I am staying here in Camana of course and Elder Hunsaker got a change to Utah as expected. He should be in the mission home right now, in Lima tomorrow, and in Utah the next day. It was very weird especially the last few days. Being someone's companion means sharing a lot. And as he was going home I almost felt like I was too. But luckily I still have more than a year left so I'm all good. This week has been a little interesting due to the fact that it was his last week. I think we could communicate the grand import of the message that we bring a little better. In the next weeks I will be trying to quadruple the effectiveness that we had... There is a lot more that could be done but I don't think we can do it alone.
So with the changes,. the missionaries of the offices called me at 1 thirty [a.m.] and gave me all the info of the four missionaries who left the zone to where they will go. They told me who will be coming. I know Elder Ortiz only. He was in the offices when I got to the mission and has about a year and a half. I think this will be his first change as a Zone Leader. He speaks english VERY well and comes from Colombia. I'm excited to have another Colombian companion. They are cool people. Very relaxed and talk funny. I guess that's stereotyping but it's very true as a general rule. General Rule (salute). So I was with the Elders of the area Habitat and one of the had a change so he had to pack up and at  5 thirty we went to the bus station and got him a ticket for seven thirty. While waiting for the bus the sisters who had changes all came and got their tickets. Half the zone will be new. Only two companionships of the district leaders aren't changing.
Mark received a mini-kite for his birthday.  Glad to see him getting some fun out of it.
In this month there were 6 baptisms in the zone. Way less than the Lord wants. Three times more than last month. All working so that we can triple again. The mission had almost 200 baptisms in total.We are becoming more like the mission that we should be. It's very cool what's going on. I feel like everyone is getting better. We all kind of follow the mission president. Mission presidents have to be amazing people I think. So much depends on how they relate with the missionaries. Whenever we talk to him we feel soooo strongly the spirit. It is soo obvious how personal a relation he has with our Heavely Father and how well he understands the expectations of the Lord. I'll be going to Arequipa soon for that meeting of the Zone leaders and can't wait.
So we are the ones that get and pass to the missionaries the mail for the zone. One elder in the zone this week got a letter that was all decorated so funny. Elder Hunsaker called the missionary and said: "Hey we got a letter for you, and it's from a giirrlll,       your grandma! Haha. Well the other letter wasn't from his grandma. It was from a female friend that he has and the outside was covered with butterflies and hearts and written notes and... well just to keep in mind on sending things to missionaries in general that their zone leaders always see the outside of their letters. Haha.
Since our area is largly agricultural, there are lots of crows, hens, pigs, and fields. Here lots of people just keep ducks and hens and crows in their property. Some even have a pig hanging around. So we have come to realized that pigs and turkeys and crows make dinosaur sounds.. all the time. Cows too. Sheep not so much dinosaur but definitely odd. I didn't know, and I might sound like a not farm boy saying this [yes, Mark, you do], but I am completely sure that Jurassic Park has either cow and pig sounds in it, or our area has Velociraptors and Tyrannosaurus Rexes in it. Which of the two I haven't yet decided.

WE FIXED THE SHOWER!!!! This morning I showered with warm water for the first time in so long. It was wonderful. The only thing is if you touch the faucet valve thing while the water heater is on you get a 220 volt shock. Which isn't actually has bad as it sounds but it is not comfortable. Hardly no current I am sure. Hopefuly it doesn't re-break itself. Well that's all folks.
Next week all about Elder Ortiz
Love Elder Johnson