Monday, April 16, 2012

16 April 2012

Noooooooo my whole email got deleted.
Dear Family,
16 April 2012
Well, what i was saying... was that this week was sweet. The first week with Elder Erhard. I really enjoyed the week. Mari Diaz is with the struggle that she didn't make it to church! I don't know why we haven't been able to see her, but in the week we went by and we checked up on her and she was good but not reading every day the scriptures. Like Preach my Gospel says in chapter 2, to be able to preserver to the end and be faithful in the Gospel, we must develop the habit of reading the scriptures. We are gonna try to help her get that habit super well put.
Last night we were in the bunks, and at 10:35, we heard a little rustling. Elder Erhard shone his light on the trash can and nothing. So we returned to sleeping. And then we heard more... and then we looked, but nothing. The third time, we looked and a little mouse crawled out of the trash and ran away. Throughout the night we heard more but could never get him. At least it isn't a cockroach problem.
Yesterday, we felt the prompting to talk to two people who were passing us, and we didn't act immediately, since it was past dinner time and we were late. But we finally gave case right after they passed (1 Nephi 4) and talked to them. They were so cool! They were children of a member who was baptized 8 years ago. They knew just about everything and just need to know how to gain a testimony. 
I’m sad for losing everything, I can’t write more.
Love Elder Johnson

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