Monday, April 23, 2012

23 April 2012

Baptism of Rosa Huayhua

Friends and Family
Week 3 of April
Dear Family,
So. This week has been so awesome! But at the same time very worrying. We are trying to help everyone come unto christ, but we are really worried as they aren’t really coming.
Since we are always doing interchanges of companions, about 2 per week, that means we get to know the investigators of all the zone. Rosa Huayhua, who was baptized in Congata this week asked the Elders there if I could baptize her. Elder Parra and I taught her about 3 weeks ago. So Elder Erhard and I did divisions and I went over there to interview her and another man (who is still preparing himself for baptism) and be able to baptize her. The water was FRIGID because the water heater doesn’t work of the chapel there. Anyway we descended to the water, and shivering a little I started, and then all the cold was expelled. She said later that she felt the same thing. It was an honor to be able perform the ordinance.
Wow I’m writing really slow right now.
My pensioner has been worried with my apparent weight loss (though I think I’m going up again). Here´s the deal. I ate tons and tons in CamanĂ¡, and when I got here, I figured I was eating too much so I told her that normal, I could eat whatever quantity she wanted to serve. So I started losing weight fast and she started giving me tons too. I got the question of why I had to eat so much, and decided to get a test taken out with the mission nurse. She sent me three wonderful plastic bottles to fill up. Haha and bueno. I got my results back. I had something like 3 different parasites (even though I think 1 -- giardia-- was really a result of my error in sample collection by contaminating it with water that was unclean)  The other two don’t live in the water that comes out of the faucet (so that you remember, here, the water doesn’t come out of the faucet ready to drink.  You must boil it, chorine it, sunburn it, pasteurize it, or forget it) 
Anyway the three get killed by the same pill so it doesn’t really matter. I took a picture of us this morning but I think I looked super fat.. looks like it’s working haha.
One of the things we did this week with the zone was to have a competition of reciting Moroni 8:16. It was pretty funny. we gave a prize to those who won. The man who works with the mission brought us a box, and we decided that it would be the prize to those who won. Well Elder Westover won! It was so good. He said it as an ancient man and it was pretty good. So we gave him the box we got from the mission. And he opened it. Unfortunately turns out the box didn’t contain sweets or anything, rather it had a box for Sister Quitana and an English book for her companion Sister Chavez. 
We talked forever Sunday with this one man who is very nice. They shall read and pray.
We were walking and thinking a little in the morning Saturday and something quite awesome happened. We passed a house and looked at it and it impressed us that we should knock on the door. We bounded up the stairs (it was up a considerable hill so I was out of breath) and a man opened the door. I said: Excuse me, and he said, "pass" haha. It seems that excuse me is a magic word to get into houses. In spanish: Permiso. He lives in another area but is the best!
We shall be working with that.
Elder Johnson

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