Monday, January 30, 2012

30 January 2012

Dear Family,
30 January 2012
This week I don’t have hardly any time since we are going to el centro (central park in the city) to play football wit the president at 1 p.m.. 
But we learned a bunch this week. The whole zone has gone two weeks increasing the indicators! The graphs that the assistants send us are really cool looking since the first week they doubled and the second they kept going up in every single category: baptisms, news, con fechas bautismal (people with baptismal dates), reunion sacramental (sacrament meeting attendance), contacts. That makes me happy.
We talked with 22 new people this week... and one awesome lady came to church. This is her story.
Last sunday she went to the hospital to check up on her baby since she is 8.5 months pregnant. She there met some members who gave her a pamphlet and [she] started reading it. Justamente [coincidentally] a few days later, we knocked her door and found her with some of the people in her family. She had been reading about the Restoration and when we taught it she said that she wanted to be baptized and go to church and everything. We visited them a few times more before Sunday and she was ready at 7:30 to go to church for 8 am. We got there and she enjoyed so much singing, listening, reading the Book of Mormon (before Sunday she read all the introduccion [introduction] and testimonies and 1 Nephi 1 two times each one to understand well).
In church she asked us if the water is going to be cold of warm for her baptism too. The Relief Society president got on the ball and talked with her and wrote down her number and planned helping her out with the baby that’s coming this week and planned with the sisters to visit her this week. We´re just a little worried about her baby who is going to be born and when she is going to be able to go to church next.
Anyway I really have to run.
Mentiones [things to remember]:
How has living the law of tithing blessed the family?
I heard that one lady didn’t want to come to church because she feared that the gringos were going to steal her kidneys and fat since she is Peruvian?????
I asked someone who is Christ for him, dijo: "es Dios pe" haha, that’s a peruvianism
[the editor doesn’t get this one. . . can anyone else help?]
"moises abriío el ro marjo" --. elder stewart
[This one is just a transposition of letters.  He should have said el mar rojo, which is to say, the Red Sea. Instead, he said “Moses opened up the Sed Rea.”]
"cual es su nombre?" -- "mi nombre de mi?"
[“What is your name?”===”My name of me?”]
[I don’t know. . . I guess Mark found it funny.]
Love Elder Johnson

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