Sunday, January 29, 2012

23 January 2012

Queridisima Familia [My Dearest family] 
Mom, did I send you a birthday letter???? If not I'm sending one today anyway just in case.
Howd the week go? Here in Hunter it went great! Camana was so so hot that I got used to sweating all day but here it's cold, due to the altitude difference. The volcanos here are called Misty, Chichani and Pichu Pichu.  They are covered with snow high above the city of Arequipa.
We've been working as well as we could, and since I don't really know all the area yet, in the two divisiones of the week I went to Palacio y Congata. It was realy interesting. In Palacio with Elder Knighton (from Tuilla, Utah) we had a great time and taught a man who had desires to return to God. We explained the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and he was captivated. He said I am definitely going to church. He asked a bunch of very good questions and mentioned that he felt that we had a gift of teaching, that God had prepared him for our visit. On the same line, teaching in Congata with Elder Cevallos una persona [one person] told us, after teaching of the profets and dispencasiones [prophets and dispensations], that we seemed like Moises [Moses] to her in our manner of teaching and inviting. That was interesting. I was thinking this morning and I was looking at all I have to get better at and I think really it's the relation with the invesitagadores [investigators]. We need to help them better expertimentar the conversion [try to become converted].
Yesterday was a little bit interesting. We went to the two wards that we are part of: Hunter ward and Berlin ward. I got to know some of the members and they seem really great and happy. I was pretty suprised at how well they sing in the Hunter Ward. In the second hour of Berlin, I started feeling really sick. At the end of the class I signed, unable to talk to Elder Stewart that we had to go to the room (we live a half block from the church). I didn't quite make it and saw breakfast again in the way. Haha. So I rested a bit during the third hour and we returned so we could walk an investigator back to his house as we had promised. When we got there I was feeling so bad that I was not going to be able to walk back to our house. I asked Elder Stewart to give me a blessing in his house. While he talked, I felt better and better and by the time he finished, I felt just fine. We walked quickly to the house about a kilometro from the investigator to lunch.
Other parts of this were with some members Monday who were all happy to have us there and to dedicate their new house. I also recently have been up to Exodus and am reading in where Moises [Moses] does some pretty awesome intense stuff.. in Egypt. It's even better than seeing "The Prince of Egypt." This morning I read about Ammón and the intense joy that he felt. It was explained that that level of joy so great is only had by those who truely repent and humbly look for the lasting happiness that comes from following all the guides of the Lord: His commandments, His servants, the dictates of the Holy Ghost. I reflected and pondered on that verse this morning.
Love Elder Johnson
 [This is in response to our thoughts on picking Mark up at the end of his mission----we've decided not to pick him up]
On the four options, wow those are some pretty tight time restrictions. You all haven't really decided on picking me up? I don't feel that I should extend. I think whichever plan would work. If you all judge it possible the first, the fine [the last one], if not, the second or third segue ustedes [whichever you prefer].

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