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16 January 2012

Third time is a charm!  Mark with Elder Stewart in Hunter Area of Arequipa

This mouse is for Paul!

Dear to the family,
You shall never guess where I am and who I'm with.
This last week, I finished a week and a half companionship with Elder Rojas. It was really awesome. He is a pretty cool guy. He is from Lima, the capital of Peru. Before the mission he was a member 4 years and was baptized in 1 week [after meeting the missionaries], more or less. His parents were baptized a few years before and brothers and sisters too, but in one week he realized he knew the church was true. His dad was converted first. Elder Rojas is a great missioanry. He, before the mission danced traditional Peruvian dances of all types. I saw some cool pictures of his dance groups.
Anyway in the night last night the asistants called us and told me (as the president had told me a week and a half ago) that I was going [to be transferred]. They surprised me: Hunter stake, Berlin ward. It is the same stake I started in. And my companion, is ELDER STEWART! Hahaha I was excited to hear that even though I was pretty incredulous that it was the same Elder Stewart, since we've been companions 2 times before: in the MTC in Peru, in Tacna, and now. It's gunna be awesome. I was a little sad when I heard he was going to leave Tacna.
In the route here, getting off the bus, three kids shouted "Elder!! Elder!!" from a bus that was headed to Lima. Haha I felt weird being recognized out in the open without a companion, but they were so happy it made me laugh. It's gunna be weird not having a companion when that happens. (I really, really want to extend. but I shouldn't. So I am going to not extend, sometiendo la voluntad del hijo a la voluntad del padre.) 
On the bus ride here there was a really gross movie on and after talking a while with the person on my side, I was trying to not listen.... There is so much bad in the world. I was reflecting in the system of movie rating that is used in the states (there isn't really anything used here). G means even kids can go. PG-13 means it's recommended that people < 13 don't watch it. R is restricted to > 18. The scriptures say that we must make ourselves as little children to enter the kingdom of God. In the MTC I decided for that reason to not listen to music that wouldn't be appropriate for a 3 year old or see movies of the same. Was it Grandpa Johnson that said "I'm not old enough to go to that movie"? I want to be little child, not a child of mode of thinking, but without malice, but mature in mode of thinking as says Paul.
Last Sunday I had a talk. I talked about the missionary work and how to love it. I'm definitely not the best example but I have been trying to follow the admonition of Mormon, praying to receive the pure love of Christ. Saturday night we found some abuelitos [grandparents] and teaching them I testified about the Book of Mormon. The grandpa said with much interest: "How much does that book cost? We want to read it!" Haha talking with them I felt a large love for them and when we got back to the room, I told Elder Rojas. "Hey,  those grandpas... I love them and I can't figure out how but I do." I shared that experience in my talk. I was also thinking about how much I love the Cabrera family. I went in divisiones in the morning of my last Sunday there and went to go to church with them. They were getting ready and for the first time his wife came too!!!!!!! While we waited a few minutes Brother Cabrera came out and said in an excited whisper: "We're getting married! So I told them [let me know when you get baptized."-----this sentence wasn't completed, but that is the editor's guess on the ending.]
So starting off the round 3 with Elder Stewart we are going to work so hard. It's going to be intense. We are animated [excited] to work super, super hard and we have been talking about what we did good when we were together. That's what we want to do but 5 times better now. I think we can. I think we can. I think we can. Haha no.  I know we can. I'm about fried on the thank you letters. Today I won't be able to either for the changes. I was in before and l almost sent this whole letter, but the internet died. Luckly the church's mail service is by google, and since google is smart, it saves automatically every few minutes for those who arent' so smart.
 I sent a picture of Elder Stewart and I and the cool mouse that this computer has that Paul will appreciate especially.
 So yes. We had Aji de Gallina for lunch. It's a type of curry almost... with stringed chicken inside and two matagringos on top. A matagringo is a type of olive that's super bitter, purple, and gross. Haha but I ate it. You gotta eat it. I always eat what I don't like first. So that in the course of the meal I can be saved from the bitter bitter taste. There is about one gringo in the mission who likes matagringos. The correct name is aceituna.

I got to know the missionaries from the Hunter Zone today. They seem pretty awesome. I also got to see Elder Ulmer, one of our ex assistents in the mail post of Arequipa as we went to see if we could take out the packages of Elder Stewart. On the way we had to pass through the plaza and I got to see it for the first time in more than a year. Just passing but it was very pretty. Everything is very different than Camana. A lot more money here. BMW. Audi. I even saw a Z4.
Well I just wanted to add that. Next week with some pictures of the area. We live in a room on the property of the stake president. He seems pretty awesome. In the bus today I met someone again who is from the Augusto Freyre ward that I was in last year. I had taught her husband and she wants me to come back. She said I was the only one her husband ever agreed to be baptized with but that after I got transfered to Tacna for some reason he wasn't baptized. It was so weird to feel back in the same. We got on the same bus. My area now is about 5 miles from Augusto Freyre.. or less... on the way to and from city center.
MUCHO love
Elder Johnson

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