Friday, September 2, 2011

29 August 2011 Letter and Movie clip

Mark and Elder Mateos (previous companion) practicing their discussion during companionship study
During this discussion, Mark and his companion talk about how we are sons and daughters of God and that he has a plan for us.  Jesus Christ is at the center of this plan.  Part of this plan also includes prophets and apostles.  

Dear Family.
Wow, whata week. We had a zone conference (my companion and I taught an hour about how to participate in Ward Council and Executive Committee finally) and a mission meeting with Elder Oaks. Very, very instructive this time. I am learning so much and wishing I could have learned it before the mission. O sea, [in other words], Paul, do missionary preparation in serious [seriously].
I am loving my time with Elder Ortiz. He is a great person. 
We have been thinking hard this week. We aren't baptizing really as a zone. That's not ok. We need to be able to bring people to the Lord. My companion and I have been examining possible reasons, things we can do, to find out what to change. The zone will probably follow the leaders and so if we don't baptize, how can they? Anyway they brought 3 people to repentance and baptism this month between 12 missionaries. The Mission President is also worried about the zone. Today we did an activity to try to help us be a better team as part of Preparation Day. This week we will be working hard to give alll the follow up possible to the investigators of everyone. Working harder and better won't do everything; we need to do the things is the manner of the Lord. In that regard, I am going to meditate: Am I in a "patience in afflictions moment" or am I in a funk due to a problem that has to be resolved? Possibly half and half. Alma 26 is pretty awesome.
Yes I am getting Dear Elders [letters from the website which family and friends can use]. So much thanks for all --especially the dedication of my weekly writing family! good job! haha.
Unfortunately I can't send you all a picture. We took one in front of a statue of a famous Peruvian historical hero. He is called Tupac Amaru. Imagine [the picture] I suppose.
That really awesome family that I talked about before live by a pair of cows. I touched one.
Paul, read the whole missionary library before going!
Love Elder Johnson

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