Monday, September 12, 2011

12 September 2011

Dear Family,

This week we have been thinking and wondering and praying and trying to find out what we have to do to help people. I kind of feel like we have not done anything for anybody here in 3 months. I need to figure out what's up because that's just ridiculous. In a time that we should be doing a lot we are doing nothing. I mean... we find average of 17 new contacts per week, we teach all we can, we invite people to repent and prepare for baptism.... but nobody realizes the hugeness of what we are telling them. We know and are talking to only 2 people who want to change their lives.

One had an interview with the President Rosas, one of the counselers of the mission (who is the best). She left very very happy and is preparing for her baptism pretty rock solid sure the Saturday after this. She is amazing, and has been trying so hard recently to start a new life and prepare for baptism, but faces some pretty intense trials from the family and life. She is a great example. 

The other, last night, when we taught her and her co-habitating father of her children about the Law of Chastity, she had a moment. She and he thought that it is ok if they are a family even if they aren't married, and had a little trouble understanding the difference between temple marriage, civil marriage, and preparing for baptism and everything. She broke down crying when she told us how it's been difficult for her. She goes to church and tries to understand everything with all of her heart but can't get everything in. She is so great. Well she was hoping for a guide and I don't know what happened with Elder Ortiz and me but we didn't know how to help her know that to receive the guide that she needs and wants, she has to live the commandments. I want to help everyone here repent so they can come to know the gospel and stop everyone from being so sad and without hope and everything!

So we are gunna work really, really hard this week and we will do all we can and I pray the Lord will bless us and them so that everyone here can come to Christ. Maybe it's just because we haven't been solving all this or because I am more able to love the people now or because of some other reason but it really worries me, and they need it so bad. 

So well now it's time to go. This week shall be the hardest week of work yet.

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE DEAR ELDERS! I love hearing all the stories, and I love all you'll

Love Elder Johnson

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