Wednesday, September 28, 2011

19 September 2011

Dear Family!
September 19, 2011

Well yet another week goes by. This week we went to visit the investigator Sister Vera with the young men to do a service project. I had a great time and in about an hour, we had collected quite a sum of stuff she wanted to throw away. The young men also had a great time. Service projects are fun!

In my last email I meant to wish Dad and William happy birthday! Happy Birthday! I just wrote you letters and they should be getting there some day.

Well the mission this week has started to do the new training program. The MTC is working a little bit different recently and instead of focusing on knowing the lessons, more focus is on knowing how to do what is required, teach people and not lessons. There is a new program of study for the trainers and the trainees and that program is what we are ALL using now to do a 12 week training of the entire mission and then be able to teach so much better. It’s so good. I think the only need of it is that sometimes we don’t plan well what we should study in the morning... and this helps us with that.

Yesterday we were applying big time what we have been learning and the people we taught were able to understand better that they aren’t doing the commitments for us, but to get closer to God. One lesson in particular was very interesting. In companion exchanges with Elder Perez we knocked a door looking for someone else and the woman who opened said that a little while ago, her home was destroyed (not literally) and she was looking for God and she found the missionaries but they didn’t go to the appointment she agreed to with them. Some other pastors came and now she is super, super active. She is so looking simply for what God is preparing for her and said several times that she trusts in the Lord to guide her. In the lesson, she took a pause, thinking, “But pastors, which of all the churches should be the one I join... which does God want me to join, and how do I know?” She is going to be able to KNOW!

So I’m working on being able to send those 10 pictures you requested.

Wow looks like I had about 5 minutes but there goes 45 of it total. Today I get to pick up my shoes which have now been fixed for the second time! I’m thinking about just buying new ones. Should be about 50 soles. Don’t worry family, I have enough here.

Love Elder Johnson

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