Friday, September 17, 2010

September 15, 2010

Dear all,

All right. I'll reply to here [email] real quick.

¿How did Paul think the ACT went?

Ah, the temperature here is super sweet too.

Snail mail to here is much lamer than I think [letters]
arrive tons faster.

De veras? No entiendo pero entiendo todos oltros palabras. Haha. Yo se
que el libro de mormon es verdad, y es un oltro testimonio de
JesuCristo. Mi compañero es el jefe, y sabe muchas escrituras en la
santa biblia, que es muchisimo importante cuando ensenaramos personas
catolicas. Todos personas aqui son catolicas.

[Editor's note, I'm not going to edit Mark's spanish words. It will be fun to watch
his grammar and spelling improve in spanish. Here's the translation: Really? I
don't understand but I understand other words. Haha. I know that the Book of Mormon
is true, and that it is another testimony of Jesus Christ. My companion is the boss (as in the best),
and he knows many scriptures in the Holy Bible that are very important when we teach
Catholic people. Everyone here is Catholic.]

Love MArk! amabout to respond to the oltros [others]

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