Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29 September 2010, Part 2

So I have a question: I was looking into the reflection of the sky off
a little piece of metal on my watch the other day, thinking, and It
looked like small circles were in the out of focus gleam. When I
looked hard it seemed like there were some moving in an orderly
direction, and others just sitting there... Also can see them when i
look at the blue sky. I ttthhhiiinkkk I've read that these are cells in
our eyes? Question: What are they?

New favorite songs: Come Thou Fount []
Prelude C# minor Rachmaninov []


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  1. Mark asks questions about like my 10 year old boy asks.~Things no normal person would even think about. We keep telling Jaron that if he finds the answers to all his questions he will be one smart dude. Tell Mark I think those metal looking things he saw in his eyes are called floaters. Our optometrist told us that's what they were when my husband asked him. He said we seem to develop them as we age. I've noticed floaters in my eyes since I was young. I have bad eyes though.