Friday, September 17, 2010

September 15, 2010 Part 2

Dear Home,

So dear elder is the best... I think. I got it at 8 pm on September 9.
And today is the 15th, which means I've been out for over a month and
have less than a month more in the CCM before I get to go out in the
real world for real! AAHH.

I shall start by replying to the dear elder.

The water selling sounds like a great idea. I was thinking at first
that it might have been a good idea to spice it up with some crystal
light, but then I realized that people were buying based on the
cuteness of the sellers and the whole idea of the thing. The product
isn't so important, so why increase the production costs?? Very good
thinking William and Cooper!

[William and neighbor friend, Cooper, sold cups of ice water from our front lawn at $0.25 each for a
couple of days and earned about $15.00]

Yes there are about to be another 150 or so missionaries coming next
week, so some missionaries get to take off after only three weeks
here! P.S. 150 more means about a 70% increase in tho total population
I think. Right. So three people in my district fall under that
category. They are advanced cuz I think their average years studying
Spanish in school before coming was around 6. They all speak super
great. Which I say because that is a chilean thing. My companion, when
I ask him: "¿como está?," says "¡superbien!"

So y'all asked about the flight over here. It was awesome. We had about
a fifth of the plane filled with missionaries. People were talking to
us all over the place. Unfortunantly, I was surrounded by missionaries,
but two people over, Elder Hastings had a long discussion with a lady
who was also going to Peru for missionary work, tho with some other
christian church. In the back of the plane, a flight attendant was
talking to Elder Poston and some others from my old district for quite
a while. She said that every time missionaries were on the plane she
was working on, she just felt so good, had a feeling in her heart. She
even started crying, and gve them all nicknames, Elder Poston was her
"Baby Daddy."

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