Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 September 2012


How great will be this week. We are working with some people who are amazingly good. Manyan Liendo Li got permission to be baptized next Saturday (we are almost sure about his permission) He was in Mosiah 15 the last time we taught him Friday.

A reference from the young single adults, Paola, has decided to be baptized Friday. She got to go to the Youth transmission Sunday by Elder Holland and we finished up everything basically. They are both very very special. 

My companion Elder Jones is the best... I don't know if I've written that before, but he is so patient. I'm trying to be more and more docile, haha I'm a little overly fast sometimes, but his tremendous humility is very impressionist. I have been trying to act in every single moment of the day every day just like Christ would. Its quite hard. But I like it, Elder Jones helps me to be better, and I think if we work so that every person around us could say that of us, then we will be doing what Christ said when he said let your light shine forth. And in Doctrine and Covenants, Levantaos y Brillad. One of my friends at church: Osman Salagury, shared a quote in Elders Quorum: Let not your faith be difficult to detect.

Our good bishop said in his talk something very true to all the members who had difficulties: Being a member of the Church should make us successful men, and successful women. I liked those two quotes from church.

Getting to church we had a spiritual experience: Called a family last Saturday who gave us the news that Sister Sanchez finally got out of the hospital. She has 83 years and wants to be born again and be baptized, but hasn't been able to. She also was completely unable to walk after such a long time laying down in the hospital. They took her in ambulance to her house Friday. She made a heroic effort to sit up and get dressed when we visited Saturday. We invited her to come to church and promised we would help her get there. At 8:30 we got there and she wasn't quite ready, so we went to make some calls for 10 minutes, and then came back. At 8:45 we started, with the taxi driver we helped her to stand up! we spent about 10 minutes walking the 4 meters from her bed to the taxi. That was an Olympic effort. She was going an almost constant 7 millimeters per second haha. But there, she felt great, she felt new strength, and getting back home she had strength to lift her legs out of the taxi all by herself and sit down in her bed all by herself! Amazing.

Love Elder Johnson

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