Monday, November 21, 2011

21 November 2011

Les mando un foto de la ultima semana que me olvidè enviar Lo siento! [I am sending you the photo from last week that I forgot to sent.  I’m sorry!]

Family Como [How] are you all?

Paul, send me some pictures of your crew time for my companion! He wants to know how it is.

My companion said one day as he was talking with a person who said that the church was fine with prophets, revelation, the Book of Mormon and all, but that it can’t be true because when we receive the spirit, we can talk in tongues. My companion asked him if he could, and the guy said of course!, Elder Ortiz asked him which, and he responded something to the effect of, “mmm... I dunno but I talk some language. Bueno [Well]... there is only to read Acts 2 [referring to the Day of Pentacost and the speaking in tongues which allowed each person to hear the message in their own language and understand it.].

This week.... this week I think will possibly mark a turning point in the life of this youngster that I am. Let’s see if I can relate a few things that suceded [happened].

So great, we started the week and we did a companion interchange with Elder McNeil and Elder Ramires again. I was with Elder Ramires this time and it was great. I got to interview two people for baptism and they both expressed their testimonies. They are preparing to have 3 baptisms this weekend. In all in the district, there are 6 baptisms on Saturday! We are going to work so hard so that it happens. The other district unfortunately has none for now.

In a Dear Elder letter someone mentioned the daylight savings time. That doesn’t exist here, and it’s pretty weird, but cool. It pretty much just changes from nice weather, to really, really hot weather. And that’s spring. There aren’t really flowers or yellow trees in fall. But oh well. The sun is bright and our faith is increasing.

I read a little of Genesis, and learned that we should not kill animals unless we need to eat them, and that animals are there for the need to eat as are plants. I was meditating on the Word of Wisdom recently.. in the meat part. I will seek understanding today.

Also in the Bible we learned that those who are ordained to the priesthood like Melchezidek come into a powerful relation with Dios [God] by faith. I was thinking a little about the Gifts of God that we should seek like Moroni 10:30 says and about perfecting ourselves as it says in Moroni 10:34 and inviting all to meditate these things. Especially Paul [I imagine he’s talking about Paul, the apostle and referring to 1 Corinthians chapter 12 where we are instructed to seek the best gifts]. That relationship with God is the singular goal of my companion and I in this week.

I was thinking about the responsibilidades [responsibilities] that I answered a while ago and here is a better answer. A lider [leader] in the mission has these responsibilities.
  • Representan al presidente de mission al llevar a cabo los planes que el tiene para la mision [Represent the Mission President in implementing the plans he has for the mission]
  • transmiten la informacion y las directrices del presidente de mision de manera oportuna y clara [Pass along information and direction from the Mission President clearly and in a timely manner]
  • inspiran a otros a tener un espititu de amor, unidad, obediencia, y trabajor arduo [Inspire other to have a spirit of love, unity, obedience and hard work]
  • animan a los misioner a vivir un alto nivel de obediencia, especialmente mediante la aplicacion en su vida de los primerso principios del evangelio [Encourage the missionaries to live at a high level of obedience, espcially through applying the first principles of the gospel in their lives]
  • ayuden a los misioneros a ser poderosos y fructiferos en cada fase de la obra misional, incluso en encontrar y enseñar a investigadores, asi como a trabajar con los misioneros. [Help the missionaries to be powerful and fruitful in every phase of missionary work including finding and teaching investigators, as well as working with the missionaries]
  • Enseñan a otros misioneros en el estudio entre compañeros, en intercambios, en reunuoines de distrito y en otros marcos de enseñanza [Teach other missionaries about companionship study, exchanges, district meetings, and other teaching opportunities]
  • Analizan el progreso de los investigadores [Analyze the progress of the investigators]
  • compartir informacion con el presidente de mision de (una lista de cosas que no me da ganas de trascribir) [Share information with the Mission President--and there’s a whole list a things that I don’t feel like writing here]
  • Corrigen la conducta de los misioneros cuando sea necesario (vease dyc 121:41-44) [Correct the conduct of the missionaries when it is necessary--he refers to D&C 121:41-44 which teaches us to make corrections right away for the person we are responsible for and then show an increased amount of love toward the other person]
Sorry it’s in spanish but it’s a little hard for me to translate into English and I’d rather write than translate right now.

So now, after that companion interchange [exchange] so cool, we got back to the room and the next day we went up to a special meeting with the President the next day. He taught us so much. We were in the church between 7:40 in the morning and 6:30 in the night. But wow was it so awesome. We talked about faith for a few hours. we all realized we know about nothing, but if we start to work with real faith, all the things the Lord wants will be made possible unto us. If I can do it, I will be able to make a huge effect in all the others, like the effect the President has every time we talk with him. He is a person who has obtained many spiritual gifts and for something was called to direct us.

So in that reunion [meeting], he told us about his mission, his vision for our mission, and so much more. He has been asked 2 times more from the area presidency, and meditating in this, saw that we can preach at the level of 600 per month. 6 per companionship per month. We all need to change so much to be able to [do that] and he is dedicated to work really really hard to help us change ourselves. This meeting definitely helped us a lot. My companion and I felt that personally if we work with perfect faith these weeks, we will baptize 25 December [I’m not sure if he meant they’ll baptize 25 people in December or if he meant they’ll baptize 6 on the 25th of December] and I am so completely dedicated to do so.

It takes expelling the natural Elder Johnson and becoming an Elder Johnson who can walk with the Lord. Part is being more bold. On the bus the other day we asked the driver to put on The Restoration! He did! and we taught a few people on the bus about the message of the restoration. We passed a funeral yesterday and got permission to address a few words to all. We taught about the Plan of Salvation, the Gospel of Christ, and invited all to pray to know if what we had taught was true, and consult with God if they should prepare to be baptized by the restored authority of God to prepare now to have an eternal family forever.
In another companion interchange [exchange] we contacted everybody, testifying like crazies and found some people who told us how they really want to change their life. We are understanding better our purpose and the Doctrine of Christ in these days. We are working together to walk with the Lord and purifying ourselves of all ungodliness that could make us unworthy of His company.

Love Elder Johnson.

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