Monday, July 25, 2011

25 July 2011 Super Week

Elder Johnson and Elder Hunsaker on hillside in Camana
Dear the family!
Ok, so a lot happened this week. I AM feeling better with the cold almost perfect.

We met up with a former investigator this week who is named Sledgehammer. No joke. He is Adventist and didn't really want to believe anything, but it was interesting. His friends just call him the Hammer. By the way, the recent convert Nails will be coming back soon!

In our room we noticed that there is one calendar that has the seventh day as Sunday, and one as Saturday. Brings up an interesting series of questions.

Friday we got fried bananas for lunch with rice, cooked onions and a meat thing that is called Arroz a la Cubana. I mention it since mom sent me a picture of something like that from her trip to Honduras. Very good it turned out. Lomo Saltado is even more tasty if someone wants to try Peruvian food I'm sure you can look up a recipe online. maybe even in English.

Well, Armando and Vanessa, the young couple who are awesome have been having some problems progressing mostly due to their son, who is 1 1/2 years old. He is the most mischevious child ever and spends most the lessons taking our scriptures and giving them to his parents, and then returning them, riding his toy car around the room, and throwing toys. The only respite is when he gets hungry and goes to his mom. One time he mistakenly went to his dad during a lesson. Hahaha so funny. But they actually do learn dispite all the noise made by their son and we always can feel the spirit. Armando is a professional soccer player.
Christus in Camana

Elder Hunsaker and I have designated this week as Super Week since it is his last. I will be trying sooo hard to make it his best. It's definitely kind of weird to be with someone in their last week, having about 53 more weeks left for me. It's definitely freaking me out that I have so little time. About to finish a year, I feel like I should know more and be more repented. So that's the big job for the next two weeks.

This week will be the zone conference. Part of my awesome new set of responsibilities will be to give a 17 minute training about how to do Ward Council and Executive Council better.... now that I think about it,  I should have asked for suggestions last week... for next time it'll be. But 17 minutes isn't much compared to the 70 minute ones I did weekly as District Leader so I'm not worried about time so much as content.

In Peru there is a lot of neighborhood unity. They throw block parties in celebration of their neighborhood anniversary every year, and those in my area have all been in the past weeks. It's cool. A mariachi type band comes and plays ALL DAY and the alcohol definitely gets pumping. There was a cock fight last night in one of the parties, but I think that was just a private party.

Verdant Valley in Camana (maybe this is at the chapel?)
This morning Elder Hunsaker and I were enjoying very much some Mormon Tabernacle Choir, so much. He is a cool person. From Logan and so funny. I think I have not gone a single waking hour without laughing in our time together. He also watched Star Trek, Star Wars, and StarGate... which makes his way nerdier than me. ehem cough.

Looks like that's it for today. I feel like this week will be great. The changes [transfers] are coming with the end of the week, and we are forseeing many many changes in the zone, but almost the most sure thing ever said that I won't have a change [transfer]. Which is wonderful, cuz we need to keep working hard in Branch Porvenir. Yesterday a total of more than 50 people came [to church]!!! That's the most we've had since the Branch Conference! I felt like I had to shake someone's hand and be very happy about it in church. When I did I noticed that she was VERY unhappy, but later when she saw me the look on her face said "Thank you for being the person I needed to be nice to me in that moment!" That was cool.
Elder Johnson

P.S. I'm going to write a letter and send a card, but keep the ones [pictures] I email so they can be there just in case I lose a card.

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