Monday, July 18, 2011

18 July 2011

Dear family
Wow!  What a week! After the morning, we went around to get some pictures of  our area a little bit. I sent you one of us with our pensioner Sister Ouhenia (I have no idea how to spell her name), one on a path in our area to get to a place called Paradise with a random kid who was walking by and asked us why I was runnning from 40 meters away as fast as I could to sit with my companion (that tripod is the best). And one that shows about the prettiest view in the area with my companion Elder Hunsaker in it. [Actually, we haven't received these pictures.  Look for them at some future time.]
Later Monday we were getting ready to go to dinner and a flock of about 100 sheep past our house, bleating.
The past few days I got a cold hard-core... which was no fun when during a single contactIi would have to blow my nose 3 times, but luckly I feel a lot better now and [am] almost whole. The worst passed me in the area of Puccun. We did companion interchanges there and we felt the spiritu [spirit] quite strongly. Elder Perez and I definitely did some good proselyting.
This week I got a book from Brother Brooks!! Thank you soo much!! It looks to be the best.
Also in my studies of the Book of Mormon, reading Alma 36,  I am sure I found a chaism. It's ABCDCBA and says
A If we keep the comandments we will be blessed
B If we put our trust in the Lord he will sustain us
C Knowledge and testimony come from God
D The story of his conversion to God
i was kind of amazed to find it... I think its the first I've noticed out right... look it up!
The only thing that is worrying me a little these days is that Elder Hunsaker knows the area really well, and especially the town center to be able to help out the missionaries of the zone, but I don't so much... and that responsibility of knowing will fall on me pretty soon since he will be finishing 2 years pronto [right away].
This week there were competitions to see which street in our area could decorate it up the best. They put banners and strings and all sorts of things. It turned out quite pretty.
Also the center of our area had a party with tons of fireworks. Just about anything goes here so we were convinced there was a war going down due to the intensity. Very much booming.
Well, looks like only one picture is getting home since the internet is about dying....sorry but I shal try to send them again next week!


Elder Johnson

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