Wednesday, June 8, 2011

6 June 2011

Dear family,
June 6, 2011

Wow I just read the awesome story the Elder Wood sent home. The best!

Now that I get to interview the baptismal candidates, I get to have really spritual experiences on Wednesdays. I think I have had at least one interview ever week this last month. They are great.

This week I want to share about two of the interviews. First, a young person who prayed at the end of our interview promised God that he will keep the commandments of the word of wisdom, the law of chastity, the day of the Lord, and Tithing, and that he will go on a mission when his time comes. Talking with him was just the best. It was quite obvious that he has received a testimony of the truth. I asked him how he felt about the church and the lessons from the missionaries and he said that every time he is there, he feels a joy or a special happiness in him that he knows is from God. Really, really was the best.

One of the others from this week was a young person who had to leave early from the interview. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to create a good enviorment for the interview but asking him about the commandmentsand asking him what he thought about them, he said, of course I will live the commandments. They are from God. They are commandments. Like, who am I to not do what God wants me to do. The way he said it was sooo sure and demonstrated such a maturity of faith and understanding of God.

Apart from those two great moments Thursday and Wednesday, we got to teach Jessica Silva. She has been preparing for her goal of the last week, but since the members have been failing us, she wasn't ready. So we wernt sure that she would feel ready for this week either but yesterday she said,  "Yeah, this Saturday I want to get baptized! But make sure the water is nice and warm, because [I don't want to get baptized] in cold water.
Not sure what we will be able to do to warm it up since the church doesn't have a water heater, but maybe we shall throw in an iron or two [?], calculate how much water, the approximate temperature change required, and the power of the irons to get the time. Should be quite some time.

My birthday was really great. Since the elections were yesterday we couldn't leave until 4pm. We got to extend the normal studies until that hour. I had completely forgotten that it was my birthday unitl we went to eat breakfast with the Tuyo family, and they suprised me with a little Peruvian tradition of throwing colored paper clippings on me. At first I thought, happy birthday to who? I haven't told ANYONE but her (about 2 months ago) and my companion, so I was thinking absolutely nothing would happen out of the normal. She gave us some chocolate cake and a very good plate of Rice with Chicken for lunch.

During all the reading time I finished Jesus The Christ! What an amazing book. I'm gunna [going to ] start it again since I didn't really understand the first chapters. [It] took me exactly 365 days... but for a lot of that I wasn't reading daily.

Love Elder Johnson

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