Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 May 2011

Dear family,
May 30, 2011
Well. The month of May has passed and we haven't successfully invited anyone to follow Jesus Christ. Christian and Josue want to be baptised but their mom doesn't want them to. Victor is still the best, and wants to go to church forever, but still fears praying and asking God if the Iglesia de JesuCristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Días is true. Gerald has in his mind August [for baptism], which might turn out since he is facing a few struggles with the Commandments, Adela is having lots of marrige struggles and for that doesn't want to continue so much being a part of the church of the father of her daughter. Edwardo is progressing and [his baptism] is a possibility for this Saturday! Also, Jessica is progressing and is a possible baptismal candidate.
This week I have been trying to bring the spirit into the lives of all the people I can possibly give. Well, more the last two days. Thursday and Friday we had a problem. I think we were relying more on our own ability and didn't actually teach anyone in a real lesson. We couldn't invite anyone to learn about Jesus these two days. Later I figured I needed to rely more on God and we were blessed with 4 lessons per day Saturday and Sunday. I want to become a teacher more like Christ. Me falta mucho pero estoy aprendiendo. [I lack a lot, but I'm still learning] With that goal, we met Leo.
Leo is very smart, and said that he is very religious but doesn't asist [attend] any church because feels like they are corrupt and not the most efficient way to follow Christ. Well, we talked a little, and I was definitely feeling the Spirit. We explained very simply about the Great Apostasy and he was totally in agreement with everything. We explained the Restauration [Restoration] and he got a little cold. Leaving, I asked myself  how is it that someone who seems to be pious and realizes the Apostasy can reject the message and the feelings we brought. The first words the Jesus Christ spoke in this dispensation answered my question.
In Jesus The Christ, I read about the Apostasy. James E Talmage definitely felt strongly about it. It is a pretty amazing chapter. Read it! And then read the Chapter of the Resauration [Restoration]. He says that in 1820, for the fourth time, God the Father gave simple testimony of Jesus Christ and that His commandments should be followed. I liked that part.
Sadly the huge dog that lives on our roof fell off today. From the third floor. We hope he can recover, but [he] at least broke his leg. One of the four. And I'm sure he has a concussion. We saw him shaking for the shock and pain right after he fell and before the family took him to the vet.
I have been a little worried about Leguía because now that I feel like those who I contact really have the chance to receive a testimony from the Holy Ghost that we are ministers of Christ, and that still tons reject us... what does that mean for them. I feel like almost all Leguíans pass through life spiritually blind. I want to open their eyes. We pray every day that the Spirit can be poured over our area and prepare the people to hear the gospel.
Lastly, in my studies, I have taken apart Jacob 5: the Lord of the Vineyard. It is pretty awesome. I like especially how much the Lord works for the vineyard and how much He worries about it. Also I like that He planted a tree in a part that was really, really dry and infertile, but knew that the tree could do it [survive and even thrive---I imagine this hits home because of the terrain around Leguia]] and helped the tree a lot. Interestingly, lots of times it repeats that the branches that don't give good fruit are cast off and burned.
A week of lots of work comes.
(firma) [signature]
Elder Johnson

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