Monday, January 31, 2011

24 January 2011

Dear Family,

MOM! I just realized that I don't think I ever wished you happy brithday in my emails. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I dunno how that happened but I didn't forget.

I'd love our young men to help us out all the time. One told us we can call him up at any time any day. Definitely we are going to do that.

How went the skiing???? Anyone learn sweet tricks? Mom did you ski at all?

I don't feel very fluent in English right now..

Well this week was eventful. We call contacting, when we talk to people for the first time. This week I had my 1000th conversation with the people. Yenny, from Puno (in Peru) wasn't very interested. Haha, but it was cool. My goal for 2000th is three weeks. We had 83 contacts Wednesday.

Last week we made burritos on P-day with our pensionista. They were really, really good. Really good. Makes me miss Chipotle a lot. We made everything even the tortilla, which was actually really easy. Corn flour, egg, and a little water.

In a bus I met a return missionary who was in Tegucigalpa Honduras last year. It was cool to talk to her but I didn't learn anything about Honduras apart from a few of their slang words that are different than Peruvian. Also in the busses [there] has been really, really popular song that goes : ¨the club cant even handle me right now¨.

A while ago this young person (Beatrice) told the lady that she wants to be baptized. Si o Si [Yes oh Yes!]. The only problem has been finding her and getting to teach her. Yesterday we taught her and her family minus her dad, they all accepted a goal to be baptized the 12th of February! I hope nothing happens with them. They are great.

This week we say one smart dog, and one not so smart dog. The second was playing with a rock, dragging it down a hill, carrying the rock back up, and dragging down, for at least an hour. The first had learned that if it wanted to get in the hour, all he had to do was knock.

We had a lesson with three young people. At the start, one told us God doesn't exist. At the end, he said "I have tons of faith!" His sister read the intro to the Book of Mormon and 3 Nephi 11. The next day we passed by and she said she read both, and she will now read the whole book before Saturday. WHAT? I really didn't believe her but she said she'll do it so I am really excited for Saturday.

Miguel went to church yesterday which means that YES he CAN be baptized this Saturday! We will be passing everyday with him. The first lesson with him, he prayed and asked if the restoration, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. And then 30 seconds later told us that he had gotten his answer by the Holy Ghost (see Moroni 10: 3-5 --- also James 1:5 --- and about a hundred and twenty other scriptures).

Today we will visit a family who was baptized about a year ago, but their dad never was. I hope, hope he will be there. They told us that they would all go to church yesterday, but didn't... It's ok tho since we happened to meet their dad in the street, and he is excited to resume talking to the missionaries.

These past weeks I've been really wondering why we haven't had any [more?] success. It seems there is still something big keeping us from being the servants who can find all the prepared and nourished trees (see Jacob 5, D&C 29:7)

I am excited today to have a little bit of time to read extra in the Libro de Mormon [Book of Mormon]. I am right now in the first chapter of Mosiah, and especially enjoyed Jarom and Enos this time around.

What more can I say. There is a ton of snow on Misty, but no picture cuz also there are a ton of clouds in that direction. Looks like only one of my pictures is going to upload in time.  Wow the internet is going sluggish. OH NO! I dunno what happened but I died too. Maybe it's stored in a draft mom you might be able to recover it.

Thanks for all the Dear Elders [letters.  see and choose the Peru Arequipa pouch mail.  Address your letter to Elder Mark Johnson]!


Elder Johnson

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  1. It was difficult to pick Mark out of the crowd. Ha Ha! He's the tallest, lightest person there. It does look like he's caught a little sun on his face. He looks darker than when he left. Sounds like the work is rolling, just not as fast as Elder Johnson wants it to. He's a great worker!