Monday, January 31, 2011

31 January 2011

Dear Family,

Wow this week was really intense. It started to rain everyday, which definitely doesn't help us out. Misty (the volcano) disappeared for the time being. Clouds have descended in the valley of Arequipa. I'm looking forward to the end of "summer".

This week Miguel was baptized. It was a very, very happy moment for us and him. Unfortunately his family didn't come, and don't support it, but he knows that he has received an answer to his prayer from God by the Holy Ghost.

In his testimony he told us that when we did the opening prayer for our first lesson, he felt something he has never before felt. And that when we did the closing even stronger, and every time he reads the Book of Mormon, and every time he talks with us. Wow.

The lady that I wrote about (Yurnet) who promised us she would finish the Book of Mormon before Saturday almost did. Got to Mormon [a chapter near the end]  I think!!!! She really wants to become a new better person. That is her goal for summer break (this time of year here). We would very much like to help her with this. Only problem is that her family is very, very dedicated to a particular religion, and possibly they will refuse to pray like did Miguel [you can see the influence of Spanish grammar in that sentence]. But we are hopeful. Yurnet is very special.

Yesterday we met with a family. They were pretty awesome. We talked with two of them twice last week, and they brought themselves to church! One of their friends was at their house too, and really they have so much faith. We talked a bit about how there have always been prophets, about the restoration of the priesthood, and prayer. When I asked them what they would do if they received an answer to their prayer, Silvia said "the first thing I would do would be to get baptized again, then go to church and maintain strong in the faith"

We met one member of this family in the street, but didn't get their address, and a few days later we were walking and felt like we should knock the door of a yellow house. And there they were!

What more... Thanks for all the support by email and letters! I think they come in bunches every two weeks of both the weeks. Eric continues to be a Dear Elder superstar.

Mosiah 18:22

Love Elder Johnson

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