Tuesday, May 15, 2012

15 May 2012

Mark needs a new watch band.  So, he sent us the measurements in mm.

. . . and inches.

Boxes and boxes of copies of the Book of Mormon and other pamphlets about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
plus some missionaries.

Queridisimo Familia, (My Dearest Family),
15 May 2012
It was SO good to be able to talk to y’all yesterday. Despite the connection that was somewhat lacking. It was a sweet experience to have y’all on the other end of the phone.
This week we have been in divisiones [splits] with some missionaries since Tuesday. An interesting situation. The President said he will call us when he gets the word to know what to do there... I’m missing Elder Erhard, but also enjoying the time I’ve spent with the missionary.
This morning there was a small earthquake! I woke up and thought there must have been a huge tank or something passing (I was tired, ok?) and I jumped off the top bunk, and went over to the window but there was nothing! Then my companion got up too and from behind comes running and says "Get out! Get out! Get out! It’s an earthquake!" We jumped out the door and waited a little. It continued a little while longer and then settled down, returned a little and disappeared. It wasn't much shakage (like the one we passed in Tacna with Elder Stewart) but it was long.
I think it’s a sign of the times when all the buttons on your shirts and pants start falling off. I’m getting good at sewing them back on. The shoe laces: I need a black shoe lace and a white one too.  I’ve also attached a foto [photo] of the measurements of my watch. If you could send athletic socks that would be great too!
Thanks so much.
Saturday we had a really interesting lesson. It was the climax of an idea I have been having all week. We knocked the door of a lady who opened it right up. She is a convert to the Baptist church. She is awesome and very converted to Christ. We talked a little about the gospel of Christ and mentioned about receiving the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands. We read Acts 8 and 19 with her, but we did not have the spirit in the teaching, but rather a slight contention. I realized that and she did too. I remembered DYC 50:13-22 and asked her to forgive us for not teach the truth in a way that the Spirit could testify, and the Spirit came. We invited her to read and meditate what the Book of Mormon said (which she previously refused to do because the spirit wasn't there citing scriptures like the one in Revelations even though we had explained that and cited the one Deuteronomy to make it clear) And she committed herself to read and ponder and pray for Tuesday. That was a pretty cool moment when we repented and returned to teaching by the Spirit.
This week we received 65 boxes of brochures (or is pamphlets the word?) and copies of the Book of Mormon.  See the picture (by the way I was hunched over my tie is Not too long.)
I think I should follow what the Lord indicates [concerning the mission extension], but I shall look again, study, and fast. In the emails you sent me there are lots of reasons to extend or not to extend. Paul, do the same so we can know what the Lord wants us to do, and the same answer will be come to. Let’s not worry.  Just trust in Him who has called us knowing that His purposes have been revealed to profets [prophets] and to us so that we might know the way to follow. He knows us and desires more than any other thing our happiness and success in life. Trusting in Him and only him, we can know what to do. Alma 37:37
I’m going to work with all my strength this week
Elder Johnson

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