Monday, February 20, 2012

20 February 2012

Rain + Sewer Water 

Elder ____, Elder Johnson, Jorge, Elder Knighton, Elder Stewart

Mark's poor shoes

Another view

Maybe this was the ledge they were walking on to avoid the flooded streets


Jorge, who we were teaching a few weeks ago and who really wanted to get baptized got back from the mine! He got back and told his wife, "Today I want to get baptized." He was about to be baptized before but couldn't so we got his baptismal service for Saturday and his confirmation Sunday! It was awesome. In the 3 weeks he was there [at the mine] he was meditating about what he wants for his family. His father- in-law is the bishop and his wife a member. She was SOO happy Saturday. That was a great experience. The first missionary who taught him was Elder Knighton, who just so happens to be our District Leader now, so he did the interview too, and did the baptism.

Afterwards Jorge expressed his thoughts and shared a scripture in John that says that we should ask, and we will receive. He shared his testimony about asking and receiving. Then it says we should knock and look, and he said how he got to thinking that he wasn't really looking or knocking the door. Those are actions and he asked himself what actions he was doing for the salvation of his family. He realized, he should do actions to make sure his family can be eternal and therefore decided to follow 2 Nephi 31:11. [ 11 And the Father said: Repent ye, repent ye, and be baptized in the name of my Beloved Son.]

It was very nice, and then the Bishop's counselor shared a very, very nice welcoming message about his conversion and we ate cake of three milks.  [].  I don't know if that exists in the States but it's so good tasting. Look it up!

So that was a good experience. The Church is true.

Hey, can y'all send me a few cookie recipies? We want to make cookies for the members and investigators, but I don't think we can get our hands on chocolate chips. I know... why even make cookies, no? Still, we want to do that next week, so if y'all can send me some chocolate chipless cookies, that would be the best!

If you can see the letters of Elder Stewart, vease [look at] his pictures that we took last Monday. It's raining every day here and that makes for some wet and cold (or usually running everywhere to avoid the cold) elders every night. Since it was Monday we could take pictures and got some from the back of a truck. The drivers saw us walking on a 2.5 meter wall to not wade through the street that had something like 50 cm [about 19 inches] of water. They stopped and yelled through the rain and river sounds : jump on! haha we got on the back and felt a little like special people as we waved to everyone we passed. It was a flat bed in the back with a big water tank that you can see in the picture. Since it had big wheels, it could pass all the water. Looks dirty the water, no? That's cuz half the water isn't rain but overflooding sewers! Now y'all can see why we walked about 200 meters of the 20 cm wide wall instead of wading.

Grandpa J asked about the food and if it tastes like money. I mean, if it tastes like money smells. I don't think so, but that might be because in his time there was different money. I found yesterday two coins from the 1970s. Weird looking. One of 10 soles de oro [gold] and the other of 1. I don't think it has any value now. The currency now is called new soles just so y'all know.

What more? In the conference, the president had some revelation to help me be better, and subliminally taught me it, and I did catch on. (It wasnt THAT subliminal) We [I assume Mark and Elder Stewart as zone leaders] taught about the day of rest about an hour and he taught after and helped us understand it.. much better. I very much enjoy being taught by him. The sabbath day as I am remembering that is said in English right now is a matter of being obediente [obedient]. When we teach it [the sabbath] we should talk about how they will be able to worship the Lord, demonstrate to Him our faith and love in keeping the commandments, and participate in the sacrament. We should help them make a compromise [commitment] not only to go this week, but for all their lives.
This week that is coming, we can have another baptism. A Sister Mary Dias said that she is going to be talking to all her family this week to prepare them to be able to accept her baptism next Saturday. Her daughter was baptized about a year and a half ago and there was some drama apparently. One aunt broke down crying. To understand, I referenced Disney's Mulan and the importance of family traditions, while not sooo strong, the tradition is her concern. We hope to help her in preparing them.

Anyway that's about all the time I've got.

Lots of love, and thanks to all those who DearElder me for keeping me updated on all at home  ! They are great! 
Elder Johnson

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