Tuesday, May 24, 2011

23 May 2011 Letter and a Picture diary of the morning of a missionary

Dear Family

Hows all the things. This morning I did a picture story of the typical day:

1. Wake up (prepare to pray, pray at 6:30)
2. Exercise 6:34 to 7:04
3. Shower
4. Breakfast - bread with butter, a corn based drink
5. Personal Study
6. Companionship Study
7. In the bus to Internet [We didn't receive these pictures this week, unfortunately]
8. Former summer retreat of Osama Bin Ladin
9. Tacna Center
10. The internet that i am in

Right. So this week we have been struggling to get contact with Victor Christian and Josue. They are three wonderful young people and we want to be able to help them. Tomorrow we will be thinking a lot about Christian and Josue. They want to make the covenants of baptism this Saturday but their mom isn't too happy about it and has told them no...

I'm learning a lot.

We read a really awesome talk by an area authority in church yesterday about the pioneers. The Willie and Clark Handcart company was met by a relief group. They had been sent as a group of apt and ready men. We talked a little about this. Apt. In this sense what it means, how we can be apt men. Some from that group had gotten discouraged waiting and headed home early. They found others who were recently heading out and discouraged them too. I learned about the affect that has on our attitude and on the attitude of others. We have to be super, super ready and willing so that others can be led to greater heights of animation [enthusiasm] in our presence. Also, one of the men in particular argued against leaving early, saying, "Brigham Young has assigned me this, and I will work until it is completed." That's a good attitude.

Sometimes we find people who don't let anything enter their head; others who do. It's really interesting to see that and who accepts learning. Yesterday we met someone who is really smart who didn't understand anything because she blinded her eyes and closed her mind.

On the other hand, a few days back a drunk man told us we should stop by his house someday. So I thought,  "Yeah, right."  But then he came to church yesterday. So we visited him and his wife. His wife is a member and he has tried to be a member before but couldn't stop drinking and ultimately gave up. But it seems like since our contact with him, he has possibly experienced a conversion. He is really animated [enthusiastic] to be a soldier of God. He wants to help us and was really happy. The member who was with us talked about how much we put up with and how we do everything to help the people and basically made us look really good, which was fine by me. So we will be moving forward with this Soldier of God.

Oh and Gerald went to church too!!!

I have no idea where went my time [definitely spanish grammar here:  Yo no se a donde fue el tiempo.], but chow chow!

Elder Johnson

6:30 a.m. Wake up

6:30-7:04 Exercise
Jogging in place

NOT flexible

Individual Study
Breakfast:  toast and a corn drink
Having fun during companionship study

Companionship Study
On the bus going to write on the internet

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