Monday, March 28, 2011

28 March 2011

Dear Family,

Wow, won wacky week we`ve weathered. This last Tuesday, we got a phone call in the morning during studies. When I answered, Elder Hunsaker, the Zone Leader with Elder Huacaychuco,  asked me if I would be able to find someone to accompany me for the next few days. I said,  "Yes." He explained that Elder Stewart would go for a training meeting in Arequipa!

This is the same one that I went to a few months ago about New Years to prepare to train Elder Hernandez. So we were really excited for all the possibilities that were ahead of Elder Stewart the next transfer. Although secretly I was bummed since basically the invitation means that Elder Stewart wouldn't be my companion the next transfer too. We have really got along very well.

So he left, and I got to work finding people to be my temporary companions until Friday. Axel, a young man who lives in the same house as us was my companion normally after 9 until morning, and those of the day rotated. I counted yesterday and found out that I've had 13 companions in the days he was gone. He was about to come back Friday in the night, but there was some sort of protest and the buses weren't allowed to pass from Arequipa to here!

So he didn't get here for the baptism of the two 8 year old kids in the ward. Harold and Reina (queen). Harold wanted me to baptize him so I got to! It is always so great to be able to be the person to baptize. Such a blessing for both the people in the water, though much more for Harold.

This week's been a little hard for all that business, so I feel like I have to work super extraordinarily extra hard the next few days slash weeks to make up for all the slack. But that's ok, cuz I'll be able to learn how to work harder.

Elder Stewart completed 6 months here in Leguia, and was going to be training, so basically I was ready when they called us and told us that he had a transfer, at 1:30 this morning. For this reason, I'm really tired right now and I think it shows in the text.

He went to Ilo, a small city between Mocegua and Tacna. LiberaciĆ³n 2 is his area and companion as of yet unknown. My companion will be Elder Mateos, I think, which is Mathews in Spanish, I also think. Basically I am really excited for the next weeks and the new challenges that come starting with a new companion, and a little nervous. I learned with Elder Stewart how great it can be when there is a lot of companionship unity.

Also I have a little more duty to the other missionaries because I will be a district leader. Also nervous for this, since I have NO idea what I shall do. Elder Erhard gives me this counsel: "I'lltell you what you're gunna do: You're gunna have the most baptizing district in all of the mission". His second counsel was strive for obedience (by the way this is the Elder Erhard that went to BYUI and knows Katie Alvarez too!)

Si Se Puede!!

So next week I shall be able to report on all the amazing miracles that will have happened.

One investigator story. Cindy, and lady from the jungle area of Peru, or as I refer to her in my mind, Cindy of the Jungle, has progressed. She was part of the massive lesson we had in Veracruz which made me feel a little like Paul the apostle (but a little less) and she has been progressing. The goal is baptize ALL. Haha. It's just that she feels overwhelmed by our example of obedience... or that she can't even repent to be good enough. Trying to help her on that.

 Love Elder Johnson

Elder Stewart and Elder Johnson, last week together

Baptism for Harold and Reina in Tacna

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