Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8, 2011 Ornos, New housing miracle, Leaving appointments

Dear family!

In the bus on the way here, the radio was playing "More Than a Feeling", by Boston. At the same time I noticed a strange red liquid streaked on the right sleeve...  No idea what it is or where it's from.. I'm hoping the shirt isn't ruined.

This week the zone leaders had a meeting the day that we usually get mail so I didn’t get the monstrous pile that assuredly is waiting. Next week I hope.

We have definitely seen a bunch of miracles this week. For starters, we realized we needed to change our room to somewhere else,. but didn't know where, and I had no idea how to go about changing all that... but if we don't, we continue to live in, like Elder Hernandez says, iniquidad [iniquity].

A day or two later we knocked a door one day and while waiting for the person to come out, a member walked by. She chatted with us a little, and when she was leaving, all of a sudden turned around and said, "Oh if you someday need a room, our third floor is about to be vacated. So just let us know!"  Elder Hernandez and I just looked at each other and laughed. At the end of the month we can move [to] it. Their third floor is really, really cool. I want a top floor like that in my dream house.

This week we met two kids who want to be members of the church, and have been going to church. One is Johan.  When he is naughty, he is punished by his nonmember mom by not being able to go to church! He is reading the Book of Mormon too!

This Saturday we have an actividad [activity] with the Relief Society that shall be awesome. We are gunna talk with everyone in our area over the next few weeks with this help from the ward. It's called the "plan of attack". [We will be ] splitting up in groups [and] we are going to contact tons and tons of people (goal of 300) Saturday. Then we will start to teach them.

We tried this with the young men, but only one showed. I think the Relief Society are going to set the bar really high for all the others in the next weeks.

Our new ward mission leader is great... except doesn't have a ton of time-- more than the last one. Hopefully with these activities (and we have been training a few of the future missionaries-- their help) we are gunna turn around the attitude of the ward towards the missionaries and the obra missional [missionary work].

I think we know 5 people who can be baptized in February. I hope we can be sufficient for this goal.

We were at an activity of the Relief Society for a bit, and they cooked about 100 chickens in what is called an orno, basiaclly an oven gigantic [like the evidence of Spanish grammar there?]. 10 feet long, burns wood, and accessed by a door 1 foot by 2. Very cool. All the people from everywhere bring their food to these houses that have ornos and the owners cook the food for the monies.

What I'd really like to learn this next week is how to leave a house. It's really easy to teach or chat sometimes for an hour an a half, but we should never be in a house for more than an hour, and that's if we meet the max teaching time of 45 minutes. Right now I just kinda stand up, interrupting the post prayer conversation, since my attempts to guide them to let us go usually fail. It works, but I don't like leaving this way.

We met a really interesting fellow who told us he knows everything and doesn't have any doubts about the Bible or our message, the Book of Mormon, but only kind of believes in God, and doesn't think the Church of Jesus Christ [of Latter-day Saints] is true. Oops.


Elder Johnson  

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