Monday, December 6, 2010

6 December 2010

Dear Home,

I hope everything is dandy back home. 

Thank you so much for the packages and letters. Grandma Johnson´s to me was especially fortificating this week. 

This week I received 4 packages from the states! The Christmas packages have arrived mercilessly early, and now I face the constant temptation to rip them open, but I shall wait.

Also I got a stack of dear elders and two letters (thank you so much all you don't even know how much they were awesome). I think they have been building up somewhere. Anyway they are the best! Eric, I laugh every time I read your accounts of happenings back home. Mom your mission stories are the bomb, I wanna hear more. Interestingly, you had success amongst the young men, we usually teach women. Men seem to be more hard hearted in general. Hmmm.

This week we taught a investigator who we met first at church. He really has been prepared. As we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he was talking about his desire to find something spiritual in his life, that he had what he needed temporaly (even though he is quite poor). He easily accepted the challenge to be baptized, and if we can get to teach him more (we can't seem to make it to our appointments with him (grumble)) he will be baptized very soon!

A member lent me a trench coat one frigid night when I forgot to coat myself, and I felt like a wizard with a wizarding robe.

I saw a member with a shirt from Busch Gardens 2002. No idea how that got here, but it's here. For those who don't know Busch Gardens [is a large, European themed amusement park renowned for its beautiful gardens in Williamsburg, VA.]

That's about a fifteenth [or what I'd like to write], but that's all I have time for. Gotta go! the work is improving btw!

Love Elder Johnson

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